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Social Security Disability benefits can help injured workers

Kentucky residents who are dealing with a serious disability could be pursuing Social Security Disability benefits after their ability to work has been curtailed by a major accident. While many people think of the retirement program when they consider Social Security, the non-retirement benefits of the program can be some of the most important for participants facing different circumstances.

Injured people might be eligible for SSDI benefits

At some time during their working careers, a sizeable minority of Kentuckians will suffer disabling injuries or illnesses that leave them unable to return to their jobs. People who have worked for a sufficient period of time to build up credits may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits if they have qualifying conditions.

Social Security Disability has a huge backlog

Across the U.S., more than a million people, many of whom live in Kentucky, are waiting for hearings to determine their eligibility for Social Security Disability benefits. The average wait time is almost two years, and it's a somber truth that many applicants literally die while awaiting a determination. According to the Social Security Administration's inspector general, there were 7,400 Americans on wait lists in 2016 who had already died. The SSA has said it is making efforts to tackle the backlog by bringing on more support staff and more administrative law judges.

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