Stay safe while working during the holidays

The holiday season traditionally leads to an uptick in worker activity in Kentucky. More people are visiting retail stores, and this means more workers are delivering products, selling merchandise, and interacting with customers. OSHA is reminding employers to protect their employees' health and well-being during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

One of the reasons for increased precautions is the large number of people who visit retail areas, especially when retail stores have major sales events. Employers should be on the lookout for safety hazards and make sure that they have a sufficient amount of trained security personnel as well as ropes and barricades to prevent customers from wandering into unsafe areas. Proper crowd control should also be implemented.

An area of special concern is warehouses. During the holiday season, warehouses see an increase in tractor-trailer delivery and forklifts are used with greater frequency. Employers will work with employees to guarantee that safe working practices are employed, regardless of deadlines or increased workflow. This is especially important when it comes to training seasonal or temporary employees.

The holiday season provides a great opportunity for employees and employers as there is an increase in job opportunities. Seasonal workers should be familiar with the Department of Labor's laws on how much they should get paid for the work that they do. At the end of the day, it is employers who have the responsibility to see to it that OSHA's guidelines are in place and that they are providing a safe working environment for all.

If a person finds themselves the victim of an auto accident caused by a reckless employee during the holiday season, they could contact a personal injury attorney. The attorney might evaluate and assemble a civil claim. They may then choose to consider the evidence collected by law enforcement with the goal of helping the client get the needed compensation for their accident.

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