Safety, construction sites and winter months

As the winter season approaches, construction workers in Kentucky should take extra care to be safe while at construction sites. Cold temperatures can be a factor in many mishaps, such as slips, and it is necessary to take certain actions to ensure that construction sites are safe.

Before the winter season is in full swing, parking areas and roadways should undergo any necessary maintenance to ensure that there are no uneven surfaces or potholes as carrying out such work will be significantly difficult once the ground becomes frozen. If the roadways are maintained properly before the winter season starts, the removal of snow and routine maintenance tasks will be easier to conduct once the colder temperatures arrive. If there are excavations, ditching or holes that cannot be filled, they should be barricaded and clearly marked so that they are noticeable when it snows.

When routine on-site checks are conducted, it is wise to take into account any winter-related issues that could arise. For example, inclines may present no problems during the autumn months but can be the source of slips and falls if they become iced over during the winter months. Stores of salt, grit or sand should be kept on hand to use when needed to help maintain safety on the site.

The fluids in the equipment that is used at construction sites should be checked to verify that they are properly rated for the temperatures in the area. If they aren't, they should be replaced.

An attorney with experience in workers' compensation law may advise construction workers who are injured on construction sites of their legal options. Assistance may be provided with filing claims for benefits to which the injured workers may be legally entitled. A lawyer may also advocate for clients whose benefit claims have been denied or who received insufficient benefit settlements.

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