Most common injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents

In Lexington, Kentucky, and elsewhere across the U.S., motorcycles continue to be a common and much-loved form of transportation. However, they're not without risk, especially with distracted vehicle drivers to contend with.

The Centers for Disease Control released some useful statistics that show which injuries are the most common and whether wearing a helmet makes a difference. Based on information concerning over 1 million people who were treated for non-fatal, motorcycle-related injuries, the largest percentage of injuries were recorded on the lower extremities, namely the legs and feet. Leg and foot injuries made up 30 percent of these recorded injuries. After lower extremity injuries, the next most common injuries were to the head and neck. These made up 22 percent of injuries. Closely behind head and neck injuries were upper trunk wounds, and then arms and hands, and finally lower trunk injuries involving the hips and pelvis.

The Association For The Advancement Of Automotive Medicine performed its own study, which sought to determine differences in injuries between helmeted and non-helmeted riders. This study found that helmeted riders were likely to have less severe injuries to the head, face and neck.

The World Health Organization performed a study as well and sought to determine which bones are the most commonly broken. The WHO found that injuries to the lower extremities are most likely to break the tibia and fibula, followed by the femur. In the upper body, the wrist bones were the most commonly broken, followed by the humerus. The WHO advised that wearing protective gear would reduce the number of broken bones.

While wearing a helmet or other protective gear helps reduce the likelihood of injury among motorcycle riders, collisions with other vehicles can still result in severe injury. An attorney with experience in motorcycle accidents may be able to help a rider seek compensation for an injury suffered at the hands of a careless or inattentive driver.

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