3 ways you can stay safe on Kentucky roads

Driving is a daily activity for most people that cannot be avoided. Unfortunately, however, being on the roads is dangerous. An alarming number of car accidents, including fatal crashes, occur every year in Kentucky. In 2016 there were 834 fatalities and 3,143 serious injuries on Kentucky roads caused by car accidents.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can keep yourself safe while driving. The rise of technology, in particular, is helping make the roads safer all the time. There are a few helpful apps and other programs you might want to start using.


Go KY is an online map that lets you access real-time traffic information. You can see the traffic conditions for all major roads and highways in Kentucky, including Louisville, in real time. The site lets you zoom in and out, giving you a close view of the traffic in each area and the state overall.

The Go KY website also includes links to the following other apps and programs that could help keep you safe while driving.


This is another traffic tracking app for your smartphone. Not only does it give you real-time traffic updates, but it also recommends alternate routes you can use to get to your destination on time. It will alert you when you are approaching traffic jams, road hazards and even other car accidents. Waze also syncs with your car’s Bluetooth or audio system, too, so you do not have to take your eyes off the road to get to your destination.

Safe Patrol

SAFE Patrol is a program enacted by the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety Division of Incident management. It is designed to help people who are facing road difficulties, improve safety and reduce traffic delays. SAFE Patrol can help you change your oil, give you gas, jump your car or change a flat tire. In addition to personal services, SAFE Patrol also removes debris from roads and monitors traffic infrastructure.

It is no secret driving can be dangerous, but it does not always have to lead to an accident. All of these applications can help you and your family stay safe on the roads, along with vigilance and caution.

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