Most people overestimate their driving skill

Motorists in Kentucky and throughout the country tend to rate themselves as good drivers regardless of what their history actually is. A study done 50 years ago asked a group of drivers who were responsible for significant car accidents that sent them to the hospital. Most rated themselves as excellent as opposed to very poor. The same was true of another group of people who were deemed to be good drivers.

The second group were similar in age, gender and education level to the individuals who were in the hospital. Of course, it is impossible for everyone to be an above average driver. Generally speaking, age plays a role in how well a person drives. Typically, teenagers are most likely to get into an accident. Those between the ages of 60 to 69 are the safest drivers of any age group.

Research has shown that Americans tend to be more confident in their ability to drive than those in other countries. For instance, roughly 75 percent of Swedish drivers who participated in a survey said that they were safe motorists. However, roughly 90 percent of Americans in that survey said that they were safe drivers. Furthermore, 93 percent said that they had above average skills behind the wheel.

A motor vehicle accident could leave people with significant injuries. If an accident is caused by a driver's negligence, it could mean that a car accident victim is entitled to compensation for medical bills and other losses. An attorney may be able to help a victim pursue compensation either through a trial or by settling the matter outside of court.

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