Large truck accidents: causes and responsibility

Unfortunately, accidents between large commercial trucks and small passenger vehicles are increasingly common. In the Lexington and Louisville area, you may need to be cautious when driving along Interstate 64, a common site for wrecks.

In 2016, close to 4,000 individuals died due to large truck accidents. Individuals in the smaller vehicle have the highest percent of death in these situations, as 66 percent of the fatalities are these occupants. What are the most common reasons that these accidents occur? Who is responsible for covering damages to you and your vehicle?

Human error

Just because these individuals drive for their job, does not mean that they do not make mistakes. Driver errors such as fatigue, driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol or distracted driving are a major cause of crashes. Driver error is ten times more likely to cause a crash than any other factor.

Vehicle malfunction

If the truck has not been maintained properly, either by the trucking company or the driver, it can lead to serious accidents. Problems with the brakes of a vehicle cause 29 percent of total truck-passenger car crashes.

Who is responsible?

When these types of accidents occur, determining responsibility, and therefore liability, can be confusing. Was it the driver's negligence that caused the accident or a malfunction with the vehicle?

In cases where the driver was under the influence when the crash occurred or were holding a text conversation that led to the accident, it is likely that the driver will be held negligent. When a maintenance error that could have been prevented with proper upkeep occurs that leads to a crash, the trucking company or manufacturer may be negligent.

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