CVSA releases stats on its summer inspection blitz

Motorists on Kentucky roadways may be interested in the findings from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance's three-day nationwide inspection blitz targeting commercial vehicles. Law enforcement and regulatory agencies combined forces to perform roadside inspections on more than 67,000 trucks between June 5 and 7. According to recently released figures from the initiative, nearly 12,000 vehicles were ordered out of service along with over 2,600 drivers.

The inspections, which were conducted across North America, resulted in over one out of every five trucks subjected to a Level I inspection (21.6 percent) being taken out of service for violations. A major focus of this year's initiative was hours-of-service issues, which accounted for nearly half of all driver violations. With a substantial percentage of freight being transported across America by truck, the safety level of transport trucks mingling in traffic with school buses and passenger vehicles is of concern to every community with roadways.

The top cause of vehicles failing inspection and being taken out of service was substandard braking systems, which accounted for over 28 percent of disqualifications. The next leading cause was unsafe tires and wheels at 19 percent of disqualifications. The other common cause of trucks being sidelined was improperly adjusted brakes, which accounted for 16 percent.

When there is an accident involving a tractor-trailer or other commercial vehicle, it's important to examine driver qualifications and the safety record of the vehicle involved. When companies employ unsafe drivers or allow unsafe equipment on the roadways, it creates a public health hazard and puts people at risk. An attorney experienced in handling commercial vehicle accidents understands the process and can guide accident victims through the process of thoroughly documenting their claims.

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