September 2018 Archives

Most people overestimate their driving skill

Motorists in Kentucky and throughout the country tend to rate themselves as good drivers regardless of what their history actually is. A study done 50 years ago asked a group of drivers who were responsible for significant car accidents that sent them to the hospital. Most rated themselves as excellent as opposed to very poor. The same was true of another group of people who were deemed to be good drivers.

CVSA releases stats on its summer inspection blitz

Motorists on Kentucky roadways may be interested in the findings from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance's three-day nationwide inspection blitz targeting commercial vehicles. Law enforcement and regulatory agencies combined forces to perform roadside inspections on more than 67,000 trucks between June 5 and 7. According to recently released figures from the initiative, nearly 12,000 vehicles were ordered out of service along with over 2,600 drivers.

Identifying and preventing common construction site hazards

According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration statistics, there were nearly a thousand construction-related deaths in 2016. It's estimated that about 60 percent of these fatalities were preventable. Most men and women in Kentucky choosing to work in the construction industry are aware of the inherent risks associated with this type of work. However, there are certain common safety hazards that may present less of a risk for workers if the right precautions are taken.

Study finds distracted driving a problem for all age groups

Kentucky readers may assume that younger drivers are the most likely demographic to engage in distracted driving. However, a new study by Volvo shows that drivers of all ages have a hard time focusing on the road. The study also found that cell phones are the top cause of driver distraction.

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