Teen drivers riskier when they first get their licenses

A report released in 2018 indicates that teenagers have a higher risk of causing a motor vehicle accident during the first few months they hold a full driver's license. Kentucky motorists might use more caution with teenagers on the road, as teens are eight times as likely to have a collision with another car or a near miss while driving during their first three months than they are during the final three months of driving on a permit with a licensed driver present.

The study was conducted by the National Institutes for Health and Virginia Tech University. Researchers monitored 90 teenagers from the time they got their learners' permits through their first year driving with a full license. Each vehicle in the study was equipped with road-facing and driver-facing dashcams, along with a system to record braking and vehicle speed. Researchers report that teen drivers are more likely to brake too abruptly, turn too severely and accelerate too quickly, each of which actions increases the risk of crashes and near-misses.

According to the lead author of the study, teenagers might not learn certain skills while their parents are present in the car. There are some skills they cannot learn until they're driving on their own. The risky driver behaviors of teens were found to decrease during the course of their first year driving, but the risk of a crash did not decrease.

People who are injured in car crashes caused by the negligence of another motorists may be entitled to compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering, medical expenses and other damages. An attorney might be able to help in such a case by examining the facts of the crash and identifying parties who should bear the financial responsibility.

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