Maintaining safety while driving

Drivers in Kentucky and other states across the United States should consider a few safety rules that can prevent distraction and keep all drivers safe while on the road. With technology in the car and trying to multi-task while driving, it can sometimes be difficult to keep both hands on the wheel and keep both eyes on the road ahead.

While driving, all attention should be focused on the road instead of distractions in the car. No phones or other devices should be used while the vehicle is in motion. Drivers should decrease speeds when possible to avoid getting involved in an accident if another driver happens to do something reckless. Drivers can try to anticipate what others could do on the road. This is called defensive driving and should be practiced by all drivers as a way to be prepared for actions that take place while on the road. A two-second distance should be maintained between vehicles, increasing to four seconds during hazardous road conditions.

Time should be built into a trip for stopping to get gas or food as well as stopping to take breaks while driving for long distances in order to prevent speeding from one location to another. Seats and mirrors should be adjusted so that they are comfortable for the driver. All cargo needs to be secured so that it doesn't fall off the vehicle, and everyone in the vehicle should be properly restrained to decrease the severity of injuries in an accident.

If an accident occurs, a car accident attorney may offer assistance by filing a claim against the other driver to obtain compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering. An attorney might examine the accident report while working with insurance companies and law enforcement to determine what happened and how much compensation a client is eligible for.

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