Drivers face many risks on the road

Drivers may be putting themselves and others in danger while on Kentucky and other state roads. For example, driving faster than the posted speed limit can increase the risk of an accident as well as the risk of a citation. Drivers should also refrain from operating a car or truck while drowsy. Those who are tired can take a nap, drink caffeine or change a radio station to stay alert.

Signs of drowsy driving include slower reaction time, increased blinking and falling asleep while stopped at a light or stop sign. A person's ability to make decisions can be impaired when tired. If a child is in the car, it can create a distraction for whoever is driving that car. This is because a driver may look or reach back to tend to a child's needs while a vehicle is moving.

It is a good idea to provide a child with a bottle of water or a snack to keep a little one occupied. Parents or other caretakers should also check the child's diaper or make sure that he or she has used the bathroom prior to leaving home. Individuals may also put themselves and others at risk by using the phone while driving. A good tip is to keep the phone out of reach whenever a car or truck is moving.

Negligent drivers who cause auto accidents are generally liable for paying any damages an injured victim may incur. This is generally true whether the victim was a driver, passenger or pedestrian. Passengers in the vehicle that caused the accident may also be compensated for their medical costs, lost wages or lost future earnings. Punitive damages may also be available as well as compensation for the cost of replacing personal property destroyed in a crash.

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