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Accidents at roundabouts are less serious

Kentucky intersections with roundabouts may experience fewer serious accidents than those with traffic lights. While traffic lights are better at reducing the number of accidents overall, the crashes that do occur at traffic lights are more likely to lead to serious injuries. Accidents at roundabouts are more likely to result in only minor injuries and fewer fatalities.

Maintaining safety while driving

Drivers in Kentucky and other states across the United States should consider a few safety rules that can prevent distraction and keep all drivers safe while on the road. With technology in the car and trying to multi-task while driving, it can sometimes be difficult to keep both hands on the wheel and keep both eyes on the road ahead.

Are these signs that a motorcyclist is under the influence?

Most automobile drivers are unaware of motorcycle-specific laws and how the bikes operate in comparison to their much larger, automatic vehicles. If you find yourself on the road with a motorcyclist who seems to be making questionable decisions, you may be at great risk of getting involved in an accident or the driver may simply be operating his vehicle normally.

How to keep tree workers safe

Kentucky residents and others who cut or trim trees engage in dangerous work. According to the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, landscape workers account for 3.5 percent of workplace fatalities despite making up less than 1 percent of the workforce. Falls, coming into contact with electricity and being struck by objects are the three most common reasons why tree cutters and trimmers get hurt.

Teen drivers riskier when they first get their licenses

A report released in 2018 indicates that teenagers have a higher risk of causing a motor vehicle accident during the first few months they hold a full driver's license. Kentucky motorists might use more caution with teenagers on the road, as teens are eight times as likely to have a collision with another car or a near miss while driving during their first three months than they are during the final three months of driving on a permit with a licensed driver present.

Drivers face many risks on the road

Drivers may be putting themselves and others in danger while on Kentucky and other state roads. For example, driving faster than the posted speed limit can increase the risk of an accident as well as the risk of a citation. Drivers should also refrain from operating a car or truck while drowsy. Those who are tired can take a nap, drink caffeine or change a radio station to stay alert.

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