Workplace heat can cause injuries

Summer weather can bring with it an assortment of dangers and threats to workplace safety for Kentucky workers on the job. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has not issued a formal regulation in regard to heat stress standards, but it has conducted an ongoing campaign, especially in the summer seasons, to cut down on the risks to workers' health as a result of exposure to excessive heat. By implementing protective measures, employers can help stop some of the workplace injuries and illnesses caused by heat on the job. However, even in states like California that have heat regulations for outdoor workers in place, these are some of the most commonly violated workplace rules.

There is a range of detrimental effects to workers' health that can be caused by excessive heat. For example, even workplace safety with toxic chemicals can be affected as studies indicate that people may more readily absorb toxic substances into their skin in hot conditions, leading to occupational diseases and other illnesses. In addition, there several illnesses that can be caused by exposure to overly hot environments.

For example, workers in hot environments may suffer from heat stroke, heat exhaustion, dizziness, cramps and other conditions. In 2017 alone, 24 workers lost their lives as a direct result of heat exposure on the job. In addition, excessive heat can also be the cause of other workplace injuries. It can lead to sweaty palms, fogged protective glasses, dizziness and poor concentration. Metal and water in the workplace can become dangerously hot, causing burns and serious injuries to workers.

Heat stress can be a significant cause of serious injuries and even fatalities in the workplace. Individuals who have been injured on the job can consult with a workers' compensation lawyer about how to protect their rights and secure the compensation to which they are entitled.

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