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After an accident: soft tissue damage

With modern safety features on cars, many accidents are not as catastrophic as they used to be. Cars absorb much of the impact in accidents that used to be fatal. But the force on passengers is still very severe and often causes other kinds of injuries.

How to prevent falls at Kentucky workplaces

Over the last five years, Nationwide has processed more than 10,000 workers' compensation claims throughout the nation. Of those claims, more than 30 percent were related to falls from high surfaces. To help keep workers safe, Nationwide suggests that managers should hold stand-down events. These events provide an opportunity for leaders within a company to talk with their workers and help them understand how to prevent accidents on the job.

Five safety tips for concerned business owners

The fast pace of work often prevents business owners in Kentucky from addressing safety concerns with their employees. However, ignoring the issue may lead to more injuries, higher workers' compensation costs, higher medical expenses and a diminished employer brand. To improve safety, employers may consider the following five suggestions.

The dangers of distracted driving

Drivers in Kentucky use their phones on roughly 40 percent of their car trips. This is according to data from driving safety app Everdrive. As a general rule, roads in states that have regulated the use of phones or other devices tend to be safer than those without such regulations. However, it is important to consider that phone use is not the only safety issue individuals may face when traveling by car.

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