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Body shop workers exposed to many health risks

Body shops in Kentucky and throughout the country are most likely to be cited by OSHA for violations related to hazard communication or respiratory protection. This was determined by analyzing data obtained between October 2016 and September 2017. In that time period, there were 166 citations for respiratory protection violations, and companies were fined $103,830. The rule states that there must be a written respiratory plan, and employers must also determine if employees are fit to use a respiratory machine.

The rise of trucking accidents in Kentucky

As railroad use declines, trucking continues to be the dominate form of goods transportation. Trucks carry goods from one side of the country to the other, providing steady employment for drivers and needed cargo for consumers. Located between the East Coast and Midwest, Kentucky functions as a natural gateway for truckers.

The hazards associated with grain storage

If a person works on a private farm in Kentucky or another state, that worker's employer doesn't need to follow OSHA regulations. Only commercial grain companies need to comply with OSHA's rules. However, workers may be at risk of suffocating or otherwise getting hurt because of grain engulfment in either situation. Therefore, employers of all kinds should provide training that can reduce the odds of an accident taking place.

Radiologists experience frequent workplace injuries

Workplace injuries and accidents can befall not only Kentucky workers who engage in traditional physical labor but also people in highly skilled positions known for intellectual labor. For example, almost one-third of all radiologists practicing in the United States report ongoing back pain related to their jobs. In a survey conducted by the American College of Radiology, radiologists reported a wide array of musculoskeletal injuries sustained on the job.

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