February 2018 Archives

Report created to help states with highway safety

Kentucky drivers may be safer if recommendations included in a study published by the National Governors Association are carried out. The United States has a poor highway safety record compared to other developed countries, and the improved road safety numbers of previous decades have been eroding. In 2016, road fatalities increased more than 5 percent from the previous year with 37,461 deaths. Furthermore, there was an increase in traffic fatalities in 39 states in 2016.

Companies face higher fines for silica violations

There are harsher penalties in place for construction companies that violate standards for silica handling in Kentucky and across the country. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration escalated the amount of fines companies can receive if they fail to follow OSHA's standards for crystalline silica handling that were created in 2013.

Use these tips to stop distracted driving

Injuries and deaths from vehicle crashes in Kentucky are on the rise and statistics are pointing to an increasing number of distracted drivers on the road as a major factor. While smartphone use by drivers is cited as one of the most common sources of distraction, other causes of inattention are also coming into play.

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