December 2017 Archives

Injured people might be eligible for SSDI benefits

At some time during their working careers, a sizeable minority of Kentuckians will suffer disabling injuries or illnesses that leave them unable to return to their jobs. People who have worked for a sufficient period of time to build up credits may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits if they have qualifying conditions.

How the NHTSA is raising drunk driving awareness

Kentucky residents know that when the winter holidays roll around, the risk for alcohol-related accidents goes up. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that between Christmas and New Year's Day, an average of 300 people are killed in drunk driving accidents. December 2016 saw a total of 781 fatalities because of such accidents.

Delays hinder electronic reporting of injury and illness to OSHA

Legal challenges and deadline extensions from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration have left companies in Kentucky wondering when or if new reporting requirements will apply to them. Initially, a new regulation became effective at the beginning of 2017 for employers in 66 high-risk industries to electronically submit data about workplace injuries and illnesses. Reports were supposed to start coming in by July 1, but then OSHA extended the deadline to Dec. 1. By October, the federal safety agency announced that it planned to revisit the issue and possibly revise or remove the rule.

Study shows a growing fear of distracted driving

People in Kentucky and throughout the United States believe that texting and driving is a bigger problem than driving while influenced by marijuana. This was one of the findings in a recent study that was done by Harris Poll for the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America.

OSHA annual violations list shines spotlight on fall protection

For the sixth consecutive year, fall protection has claimed the leading spot on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's annual Top 10 Violations List. OSHA releases the list each year to identify the top safety violations in workplaces in Kentucky and across the nation. Although this information is widely available to employers and those in positions of authority, citations for violations under 'Fall Protection - General Requirements' continue to outpace citations for other violations on the annual list by a considerable margin.

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