November 2017 Archives

How to manage car crash risk in the winter

The risk for car crashes dramatically increases during the winter, with the presence of ice on the roads posing a particular threat. Black ice is especially dangerous because it makes the road look wet, causing more careless drivers to lose control of their vehicles. Kentucky drivers should know that watching out for ice is just one small part of what they must undergo to prepare for every winter.

Medication linked to lower crash risk among drivers with ADHD

Kentucky motorists should be aware that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a chronic condition that affects the driving performance of millions of Americans. Those with ADHD are more prone to distractions while driving, as their impulsiveness can lead them to text, talk on the phone, and fiddle with the stereo while driving. A study published by JAMA Psychiatry has shown just how far medication can go in preventing car accidents among those with ADHD.

Daylight standard time increases risk for wildlife crashes

When daylight savings time ends, drivers in Kentucky will want to be more careful around those regions where wildlife is present. Shorter daylight hours mean more time for wildlife to be active, and many can be hard to see in the darkness. Autumn is also the peak mating season for deer, and bears are still searching for food before their hibernation.

Staying safe when working around electricity

Arc flash explosions can lead to significant injuries or death for Kentucky workers and others. One of the most common reasons workers are hurt in such accidents is a lack of appropriate safety protocols. When encountering an electrified area, it may be best to wait until the power is turned off before working in that area. If a worker does work in an electrified area, he or she should wear an arc flash suit.

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